Ask for InCharge at your car dealership
Whether you drive a Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf or any other electric or plug-in car, use InCharge to expand your driving range and eliminate range anxiety. Use it and share your feedback with us.

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InCharge Systems is your answer.

With your InCharge handheld unit, you own the charging station!
Just plug your car in through the InCharge and recharge the battery It is that simple!

You can create your own personal charging spots and
conveniently, wh
erever YOU go the most often.

In your hands, the InCharge device
will turn any ordinary outlet into a fully
functioned 'Level 1' charging station.

Our solution will allow you to top-off your car's battery nearly every place you park.
EV drivers will recharge at home. (We like to think of recharging as InCharge)

Unfortunately, once you are on the road, recharging opportunities
can be few and far between.

But if you could InCharge while away from home, for example at work, you could drive much farther - making your car that much more valuable to you.
There are outlets in parking lots everywhere. Just start looking.
They would be convenient places to
InCharge if only you could find an easy way to turn them into a charging station. That would make everybody happy - you get power, the outlet owner would be fairly paid and thus eager for you to use his facilities.

That is where the InCharge solution comes in. We put the intelligence and technology in YOUR hands. Our system knows the outlet locations, measures the power drawn, and automaticaly completes the financial transaction by paying the outlet owner.
So you can charge at home, then drive to work and InCharge all day with no hassle. Very reassuring.

On those nights when you go to the gym, or the movies,
or shopping, you can InCharge there as well.

Your car is always at maximum range, ready
for anything the road can throw at you.

You are InCharge!
David drives a Nissan Leaf.
During the week he commutes 26 miles to work, most of it on the highway.

On winter days when the heat, defroster and wipers are on, the battery gauge shows that almost half the power is gone. On such days the commute back home is terrifying for David. Sometimes he turns the heat off, just to get home.

With the InCharge service, David InCharges the car while parking at work and drives home with a full battery. No more range anxiety.
A city's fleet manager is planning to add 10 Ford Transit Connects but is facing an accounting issue. The cars will most likely park and recharge at night in the employee's home, making tracking difficult.

How can the city control it's vehicle's recharging cost and fairly reimburse it's employees?

With InCharge, all electricity usage and related information is centralized, controlled and easily managed.

Get InCharge

Get InCharge and your battery will always be at maximum range, ready for anything the road can throw at you.